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Kinetic Mesh

Wireless networks utilise access points (APs), sometimes called nodes, through which data is transmitted and received. Typically, these APs are fixed to static structures which can create problems where the environment and topology are constantly changing, such as airports, marine ports, construction sites, water & energy utilities, train travel, warehouses, campuses and large depots.

The problems arise because, as the APs are in a static position, the signal can get blocked by things like containers being stacked at a port or a new structure being built. These blockages can be got around by deploying more APs but this can be slow, the number of APs can become overbearing and, especially in the case of 5G, it can become very expensive.

Kinetic mesh offers a highly innovative and very cost-effective solution to this problem. A kinetic mesh network can be deployed and integrated flawlessly into your existing infrastructure, enabling unprecedented autonomy within your operational environment. Ruggedised nodes can be installed directly onto your assets such as buildings, cranes, camera towers, vehicles etc, meaning that these nodes move with your operations – your assets become network nodes. InstaMesh networking software ensures that the fastest data transfer route is always selected, with nodes able to communicate peer-to-peer via multiple simultaneous connections, sharing information back and forth in a fully mobile, highly resilient web of communications. All of this is done instantly and autonomously. The result is that your operations keep moving and evolving with mission-critical reliability to deliver the productivity and safety improvements being sought.

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