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Affini’s experience and capabilities in design, maintenance and management is used by airport operators across the UK.

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In the dynamic realm of education, encompassing schools, colleges, and university campuses, effective communication is paramount to keeping students, faculty, and visitors well-informed. These spaces host diverse groups of individuals, necessitating resilient and dependable communication systems that span entire sites, including low-level and underground areas.

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Bus & Rail

Affini’s solutions for the bus and rail industry provide a flexible solution that integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure to allow you to meet your business needs.

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Emergency Services

Our public safety solutions are designed to provide clear, reliable communications, enhance situational awareness, and increase public safety—all while being easy to use and cost-effective.

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The defence sector faces a unique set of communication challenges. Communications must remain clear and audible throughout changing environmental challenges.

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Affini understand the critical communication needs for the energy sector. The energy sector has seen a huge change over the last few decades with the integration of renewables becoming more and more important.

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At Affini we have been responsible for installing a robust and resilient DMR radio network in one of the biggest construction sites in Europe and working with the prime contractors, have delivered quality connections allowing instant communications for Crane drivers and banksman and complex group calling between Tier ones and others on site.

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Central Government

We understand the complex communication needs of central government departments. Government departments experience some of the most complex communications challenges in the world.

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Marine Ports

At Affini, we know that the various functions with ports, in terms of both cargo and passenger vessels, demand a varied range of communication networks. Our flexible and robust network solutions enable UK ports to meet business requirements while reducing costs using integrated networks.

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