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Maintaining Efficiency

Affini design, build and operate innovative solutions for our passenger transport customers that help to improve connectivity, audio quality, operational efficiency and staff and passenger safety. Through supporting more than 2000 passenger vehicles equipped with our DMR Radio solutions, we have the capability and expertise to rapidly respond to your requirements.

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//Wide Coverage

Get There On Time

That’s why our solutions for the rail industry bring a capability that enable comprehensive and spectrum efficient coverage across wide operational areas.

Our solutions will help keep your city moving, getting your people to their destinations safely and on time.

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Enhance passenger safety and operational efficiency with Affini Radius Solution tailored for the bus and rail sector. From real-time dispatching to onboard communication, ensure seamless connectivity across your entire transportation network.

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Client Testimonial

Affini came with the vision, the backing of Motorola Solutions and years of expertise that made the decision to choose the Linked Capacity Plus easy. We could see immediate infrastructure cost savings by moving from the existing five site solution, to a two site digital platform whilst maintaining functionality and radio coverage. The possibility of this model being deployable to other areas of our business was key to gaining the executive team?s approval.

Peter SumnerEngineering Director, Stagecocah Manchester

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