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Infrastructure and Systems

//Robust, Reliable Communications

Communication Tailored to You

At Affini, we work with you from concept to completion, to deliver the complete solution to your unique requirements. We provide customised infrastructure solutions for businesses looking to expand or enhance their communications capabilities. We serve a wide range of clients across several sectors from transport, construction and emergency services. Whatever your communications needs are, we can provide the solution. 

Our methodology delivers an end-to-end approach, ensuring that every aspect of your communications platform, from original design through to ongoing support, is precisely tailored to your unique environment and business needs. 

We offer a wide range of solutions for voice and data infrastructures seeking always to deliver robust and reliable communications in any setting and for any sector. 

Our approach

Affini understands how all of the different parts of your infrastructure need to operate and be integrated. We can advise on best fit solutions whether small projects or more complex integration of various technologies. We provide expertise, guidance and knowledge of best practice in the industry and our involvement can be tailored to the level of support you require. Our expertise in digital transformation delivers tangible benefits to your business and means you will be positioned strategically for a fast-paced future.

Broad expertise

Affini is proud to have developed rich expertise across a range of industries and technologies. We are specialists in delivering mission-critical communications for sectors that cannot compromise on reliability, resilience and security. Meanwhile, our experience in developing campus solutions means that no matter what the complexity of your environment, we can develop an infrastructure to suit, and our vendor neutral approach means you can be confident of deploying the right technology for your organisation.


Our methodology is an end-to-end approach, which ensures that every aspect of your communications solution, from original design through to ongoing support, is precisely tailored to your unique environment.

//Technical Capabilities

Our technical expertise includes:

  • Capacity/propagation planning
  • Coverage prediction modelling
  • Hotspot maps
  • Configuration services
  • Confined space engineering
  • Antenna advice
  • High and low level design
  • Staging facilities
  • Delivery
  • FAT, SAT and UAT capability
  • Design capability including DAS
  • Interoperability services
  • Integration into LTE
  • Push to talk over cellular
  • Network planning

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