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In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems

In-building distributed antenna systems (IBDAS) allow wireless communications to be present throughout a building or indoor environment. Multiple antennas and/or radiating cable solutions are strategically positioned within a building or area to ensure a good blanket of Radio Frequency (RF) coverage is present in all desired areas. This means you will not need to rely on external base station antennas to provide adequate radio coverage in an indoor environment, which could be extremely difficult in built-up areas and underground environments, such as road and rail tunnels.

Each enclosed area is different and so it is essential to determine what in-building solution works best for your environment(s)  and design a bespoke solution tailored to your requirements.

There are two popular options which are typically used to provide in-building coverage over small to large areas:

  1. The use of RF over Fibre (RFoF) equipment
  2. Off-air cell enhancers

Both of these solutions connect into distributed antenna systems to provide you with reliable and resilient communications across the Cellular, public safety and private mobile radio bands.

The benefit of IBDAS solutions is that most RF technologies (150MHz-2.7GHz) can share the same antenna network, meaning the antenna infrastructure would only need to be deployed once for all technologies required.

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