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Wireless communications improve operations, enhancing educational experience and supporting academic research

With over three decades of experience, Affini has been at the forefront of installing and supporting campus infrastructures for the education sector. Our commitment is to ensure that your communications always align with your precise requirements, no matter the scale or complexity of your educational institution.

Affini’s wireless communication solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiencies, ensuring a conducive learning environment, and prioritising the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff. In emergencies, reliable voice and data communications become crucial, a goal that Affini has consistently achieved through extensive experience.

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Affini’s portfolio of mission-critical communications solutions to improve operations, educational experience and academic research in universities and colleges

Push to Talk Radio & PTT over Cellular
Radio and PTT over cellular technology provides educational institutions with a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient communication solution that enhances collaboration, improves safety, and supports day-to-day operations.
5G Private Networks
Deploying a private 5G network in universities and colleges offers numerous benefits, including high-speed connectivity, low latency, scalability, customisation, security, and support for emerging technologies. These advantages contribute to an enhanced learning environment, improved research capabilities, and greater innovation within educational institutions.
Lone-Worker Protection
By implementing a comprehensive lone worker system, universities and colleges can better protect the safety and security of their staff members who may be working alone or in remote areas of the campus. This not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also fosters a culture of care and support within the educational institution.
Wi-Fi Access Networks
Wi-Fi is a critical infrastructure component in colleges and universities, supporting academic excellence, collaborative learning, administrative efficiency, and campus connectivity. It enhances the educational experience by providing access to resources, facilitating communication and collaboration, and enabling the integration of technology into teaching and learning activities.


Body Worn Cameras
The deployment of body-worn cameras in universities and colleges can contribute to campus safety, security, and accountability while respecting privacy and promoting transparency. However, it’s essential to carefully consider the implications, establish clear policies and procedures, and provide appropriate training and oversight to ensure. Affini can support you in implementing these policies and procedures to ensure a successful body worn camera deployment.

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