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Our Social Values

Social Value Commitment 

At Affini, we believe in using technology, expertise, and innovation to create lasting social value. We recognise the crucial role future generations play in the sustainability and growth of our business. Our Social Value Policy guides our actions and aligns with government initiatives to promote fairness, inclusion, and sustainability. 

//Affini’s Mission Statement
Building trusted relationships and enabling organisations to communicate and operate safely and effectively, through radio and wireless innovation. Collaborating to deliver unrivalled expertise in solving complex technical challenges for our customers and building solutions we can all rely upon. This is Affini’s mission.

Here’s what we prioritise: 

  • Skills and Employment:

    We provide meaningful employment opportunities, fair wages, and support for local recruitment. We offer apprenticeships, work experience, and career guidance to underrepresented groups. 

  • Armed Forces Covenant:

    We actively support veterans, Reserves, and Cadets through employment opportunities, flexible leave policies, and participation in charitable initiatives. 

  • Carbon Reduction:

    We have a plan to achieve Net Zero emissions, setting targets and adopting carbon offsetting practices. Our travel and vehicle policies are regularly updated to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Charity Support:

    We actively support Young Minds and Teenage Cancer Trust through fundraising, donations, and charitable work, focusing on mental health support and care for young people. 

  • Community Engagement:

    We engage with local communities through local employment, responsible sourcing, and volunteering activities. We provide training opportunities and support for disadvantaged groups. 

  • Waste Reduction and Environmental Impact:

    We operate under a “zero waste to landfill” policy, recycle common waste, and consider environmental impacts in our solutions’ design and deployment. 

  • Responsible Supply Chain:

    We encourage responsible sourcing, fair working practices, and ethical supply chain management. 

  • Governance and Reporting:

    We ensure accountability by monitoring and reporting our social value impact and continuously striving for improvement. 

Affini Fundraising Achievement


On Target

On October 7th, 2023, two of our remarkable team members, Sonya Wright and Sharon Poulson, successfully completed a challenging climb of Ben Nevis. Their inspiring feat was not just an adventure but a noble mission. They fundraised for the #HelloYellow campaign by YoungMinds in honor of Mental Health Day, which focuses on raising awareness about mental health, particularly among young people and caregivers.
Even more commendable, Affini joined in to make a meaningful difference! We proudly matched donations made to Sonya and Sharon’s fundraiser, contributing to the empowerment of young minds and the provision of essential support.

By adhering to these values, we aim to create lasting social value and make a positive impact on the communities we serve.