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5G delivers high throughput with low latency and so supports autonomous machines, drones, virtual reality and it will download vast amounts of information in only a few seconds. This makes it a very capable solution for large and demanding operations such as airports, marine ports, construction sites, utilities and transport and campuses.

This level of performance  facilitates not only standard video, voice and data communications but also high productivity through functionality that includes:

  • Industrial IoT (IIoT): wide connectivity of sensors and devices delivering real-time information and control. These devices include static machines and logic controllers, autonomous assets and drones.
  • Real-Time Remote Monitoring and Control: maintaining high asset utilisation through remote, fast process changes and high availability through remote condition monitors providing alerts to emerging problems.
  • Process Automation: processes that were once considered to be too customised to be automated can now be satisfied through the capabilities of 5G.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Applications: supporting such activities as engineers receiving video instruction on how to repair complex devices, visualising new designs within their intended environment and staff receiving real time guidance from experts who are located remotely.

This list could go on and there are new, innovative applications being introduced all the time and so 5G can accommodate new and emerging technologies. However, to return the benefits that you seek, a 5G network needs to be custom-built for the environment within which it will be operating and the tasks it will be required to deliver. Plus, there may be other solutions that will cost a lot less and deliver the performance that you need.

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