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Improving productivity and safety

The landscape within which utilities operate is often challenging, complex, dangerous and involves assets and workers spread over wide geographic areas. Improving operational performance and safety within these landscapes demands instant information at your fingertips wherever you are working. Proven wireless networks, such as kinetic mesh and 5G, are the enabling factors to move your utility business forward.

Wireless communications improve operational performance and safety within the wide geographic areas utilities need to cover and the complex and challenging environments in which their assets are based.

As a leading, independent systems integrator specialising in radio and wireless systems, with over 30 years of experience, Affini understands that there is no one-size-fits-all for satisfying mission-critical communications for utilities.

Affini’s wireless solutions prove to be a critical enabler in Improving the operational performance and safety of engineers and staff on the road, in their offices and within operational areas, such as substations, water treatment plants and mains pipeline infrastructure. Affini’s deep-domain experience returns cost-effective wireless solutions that meet your operational needs of today while accommodating your growth plans, including operational technologies and autonomous assets.

Explore how Affini’s communication solutions can meet the unique needs of complex and challenging operational environments.

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There is no one-size-fits-all. Affini’s portfolio of mission-critical communication solutions improves operations and safety from workforces spread over wide geographic areas to remote condition monitoring of critical assets and total wireless coverage within challenging environments. They include:

Kinetic Mesh Wireless Networks
With kinetic mesh, your assets are the network. The result is low-cost, instant access to information across challenging environments containing structures and moving assets. kinetic mesh forms and reforms connections instantly and autonomously so you are always connected.
Private 5G Networks
When needing to control processes with very high accuracy and fast-moving assets, 5G delivers high-speed connectivity, low latency, saleability customisation, and security, plus the ability to accommodate emerging technologies.
Radius – Next Generation Voice & Data Platform
Radius is replacing traditional two-way radio systems as it is far more cost-effective as well as delivering greater functionality, including integration with your corporate Apps.
Two-way radio
Delivering reliable, critical voice communications across a distributed workforce is essential for productivity improvements and safety
Wi-Fi Access Networks
Wi-Fi is a critical infrastructure in any organisation supporting collaboration, operational efficiency and improving safety.
Lone-Worker & Person-Down Protection
Lone worker and person-down greatly increase the  protection for a distributed workforce and those who work in dangerous environments.
Body-Worn Cameras
Whilst it is essential to carefully consider the implications, establish clear policies and procedures, the deployment of body worn cameras can contribute greatly to the safety, security and accountability of staff and the people with whom they come into contact.

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