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//Unleashing Efficiency and Safety

Empowering Construction Team Connectivity

At Affini, we understand the dynamic needs of the construction sector, where productivity and safety are paramount. Our groundbreaking communications technology offers a resilient, high-capacity solution tailored to the demands of constructors, ensuring maximum productivity and enhanced safety on the job site.​​

Join us as we redefine the future of construction with Affini Solutions. Experience unparalleled productivity, enhanced safety, and seamless connectivity like never before.

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Affini’s Portfolio of Mission-Critical Solutions to Improve Productivity and Safety in Construction 

Kinetic Mesh Networks
Do not require licenced spectrum and all the network elements move, mirroring the construction environment. They form and reform connections that deliver the fastest route for data transfer and they do this instantly and autonomously. The result is that operations keep moving and evolving with mission-critical reliability while improving productivity and safety. Your assets become the network.
Push to Talk Radio and PTT over Cellular
Radio and PTT over cellular technology provides construction teams with a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient communication solution that enhances collaboration, improves safety, and supports day-to-day operations.
5G Private Networs
Deploying a private 5G network within a construction site offers numerous benefits, including high-speed connectivity, low latency, scalability, customisation, security, and support for emerging technologies. These advantages contribute to an enhanced operation, improved equipment capabilities, and greater innovation within construction environments.
Wi-Fi Networks
Wi-Fi is a critical infrastructure component in construction environments, supporting real-time data needs, heavy construction  equipment and improved worker communications. It enhances operations and streamlines processes by providing enhanced site communications and site safety, enabling the integration of technology into construction activities and equipment.
Body Worn Cameras
The deployment of body-worn cameras in construction sites can contribute to site safety, security, and accountability while respecting privacy and promoting transparency. Affini can support you in implementing these policies and procedures a successful body worn camera deployment. 
Lone-Worker Protection
By implementing a comprehensive lone worker system, construction teams can better protect the safety and security of their staff members who may be working alone or in challenging construction environments. This not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also fosters a culture of care and support within the construction industry.
In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems

Affini has extensive expertise in providing survey, design, installation and maintenance services for in-building distributed antenna systems, allowing construction teams the ability to have critical and reliable communications within challenging indoor environments. By providing teams with multiple means of communications within tunnels, buildings and indoor environments, crucial safety factors can be addressed fostering employee positivity.

Client Testimonial

Affini has delivered the complete solution on plan against its original proposal and overcomes several challenges along the way, not least of all a pandemic which saw many projects interrupted. Affini's commitment to delivering on promises made and operating openly and collaboratively with HPC has been a key factor in realising the commercial and operational benefits that Affini has delivered.

Paul JessService Manager, HPC Communications Division

Affini is proud to be supporting HPC in this project which is strategically important for our country, delivering affordable, clean and secure energy. And we are delighted to be able to support a wide range of wireless requirements on-site in addition to the Radio system, such as the deployment of a wireless data modem solution to support EDF's SCADA network and most recently a proof of concept deployment of an Emergency Evacuation Locator (EEL) solution.

Ian CarrAffini CEO

Construction Case Studies

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